Crossfit East 10 is located within the Lifestyle Fitness Center in Johnson City, Tennessee. Established in 2013, the box prides itself on quality programming and a range of class times led by the largest number of CrossFit L1 instructors in the area. We also offer personal training sessions that provide you with a custom tailored plan to help you achieve your fitness goals.




Brett has completed his CrossFit Level 1 and is Outlaw Barbell Certified and has his USAW Level 1. Brett is a personal trainer and CrossFit coach and has been doing both since 2012. Brett has also placed top 500 in the region in the CrossFit Open. 

"I do CrossFit to stay in shape and continually grow in areas of weakness. It allows me to get stronger and healthier and stay in the best shape of my life. It keeps me motivated and allows me to help motivate others in their own experience and life change."


Joe has completed CrossFit Level 1 and is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach and currently is working on his OPEX CCP. Joe is also a judge at the CrossFit Central Region. Joe leads CrossFit classes and is a personal trainer.  Joe is also our resident nutrition expert. Joe also has placed top 200 in the region for 2 years straight in the CrossFit Open. 

"I do CrossFit to expose myself to, and better understand my relationship with, pain and discomfort in a meaningful way. I use this as a means to broaden the edges of my experience, which in turn prepares me to be a better, more functional coach." 


Heath has completed his Crossfit Level 1 course work and is looking forward to continuing his Crossfit Education.

“I love CrossFit because it is a blend of multiple styles of exercise and sport. I enjoy becoming a better all around athlete rather than just getting bigger and stronger. CrossFit allows people to become better at life in general, and I love to help people to pursue their goals and dreams to become a more complete person.” 


Nate proudly served in the US Marine Corps during the Iraq War and is the recipient of the Purple Heart. Nate has his CrossFit Level 1 and has completed the CrossFit Defense Trainer Course.

"I do CrossFit to become the strongest, fittest version of myself.  It incorporates movements most appropriate for military and first responders.  I was originally inspired to do Crossfit from seeing and imitating strong man events, military obstacle courses, a background of combat sports, and most recently working as a firefighter/EMT."


Jordan has completed CrossFit Level 1 course work. He has this to say about CrossFit:

"I enjoy Crossfit for the longevity of life it gives and being able to challenge myself everyday. Crossfit has definitely given me a great outlook on my appearance and confidence. I enjoy the community that Crossfit provides and the support from the coaches. I feel that Crossfit is beneficial to any individual looking into improve their overall health and self-esteem." 

Matt has his CrossFit Level-1. Matt played football at Western Kentucky University and is currently a student at ETSU. Matt loves CrossFit for the community it provides and the competitive sports side it brings along with fitness.  Matt can be seen at many regional competitions testing his fitness to the fullest. 
"CrossFit is a results program! Weather you want to become the strongest athlete you can be or lose the weight you have wanted to for years  CrossFit is the program to follow." 
"Animals lie on their back when they surrender. I'll never lie on my back after a workout. Its a sign of weakness and surrender." 
-Mikko Salo CrossFit Games Champion 2009
Kalee Noe 
Kalee comes to CrossFit East 10 with a back ground in gymnastics and weight lifting. She currently helps with our kids program while serving as an intern for our CrossFit classes and weightlifting classes. 
"I love seeing individuals lift a weight they never thought they could lift and believing in the themselves more everyday. My favorite part about CrossFit is the community of CrossFit. How everyone comes together and cheers each other on in workouts and brings a positive vibe. I hope to grow this impact and help individuals grow to attain their goals!" 
Courtney Miller
Courtney joins our coaching staff as member for 5 years.  One of our founding members at CrossFit East 10 she embodies what our community is about! 
She has her CrossFit Level 1 trainers license 
Courtney is a personal trainer working with clients 1 on 1 and she also teaches our weekend classes. 
You can usually find Courtney with a welcoming smile on her face when you arrive to the gym. She throws down in our morning classes and is always willing to help someone attain a skill their working on. 
"I love CrossFit because of the results I see. I have been part of this community for several years and it feels like family. I know when I walk through the door they have my best interest on their mind. I'm so happy I can take my love for fitness and help others now." 

(Inside Lifestyle Center)

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Phone: 423.963.0303

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